Is The Marie Kondo Method Worth The Effort?

Is The Marie Kondo Method Worth The Effort?: Before and After photos of Billie's clothes drawers

When I finally got around to reading Marie Kondo’s infamous book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, alongside watching her show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, I discovered the inspiration I had been searching for to reignite my organising obsession and regain some sort of control in our home since becoming a parent.

But it seemed like a mountain of effort to begin with, so would it all be worth it?

I soon found myself on the floor of my eldest daughter’s bedroom, surrounded by piles and piles of clothes at about 1 am. Relentlessly, and seemingly endlessly, sorting and folding clothes, wondering:

Am I wasting my precious time?
This drawer looks lovely, but realistically, can it stay like that?
I give it a week and it will be back to chaos.
I’m going to cry when Billie destroys my beautiful folding in the morning.

The Marie Kondo Method

In case you’re new to the latest trend in terms of tidying up your life, the Marie Kondo Method is, in a nutshell, “is simplifying and organising your home by getting rid of physical things that do not bring joy into your life“.

The fundamental idea around Kondo’s method sounds simple enough. But it does go more in depth and there are specific processes and practices that she encourages in order to gain a fully fledged KonMarie way of living. But simplifying your life doesn’t have to be that complex.

Is The Marie Kondo Method Worth The Effort?: Before and after photos of Elsie's drawers

So is the Marie Kondo Method Worth The Effort?

I’ve been following the simplest of steps to organising our home the Marie Kondo way. It is not only is it giving me a clearer state of mind, but I’m actually enjoying our home so much more. So for anyone in doubt, or who might be unsure as to whether to invest in the Marie Kondo way of living, here are 5 reasons why I believe that her basic methods of tidying are most definately worth the effort.

Laundry Is Less of a Chore

Once you’ve gotten through the initial stages of decluttering and organising. Ensuring that everything has a place and home, it is so much easier to maintain for the long term.

I used to dread putting away clean laundry. Our drawers and wardrobes were over spilling, so it hardly seemed worth cramming more into the spaces. Now that our clothes are more organised, I find that sorting the laundry takes a fraction of the time and the effort than it did previously.

It’s A Time Saver

Time is precious in the world of parenting. Every second counts, especially when you’re trying to leave the house on time. So being able to see everything clearly means that less time is spent rummaging around for certain items.

If something isn’t where it should be, like a cardigan or dress, that means it’s in the wash or the ironing pile. Colouring coding clothes also means that you can access your items so much more easily. Saving you precious time when trying to rush out of the door.

Is The Marie Kondo Method Worth The Effort?: Before and after photos of my clothes drawer

You Spend Less

Now that I can clearly see what we have, particularly with the girl’s clothes, I don’t waste money. Previously I would be our shopping and just assume that one needed another white t-shirt. Or that the other needed more leggings, just in case.

I couldn’t keep track of what they already had as their drawers and wardrobes were so cluttered and disorganised. The girls had so many clothes. Too many to wear before the grew out of everything. So I’m now on top of what they have or need and am proud that I’m not wasting money on an excessive amount of clothes anymore.

Learning to Appreciate Our Things

Since organising our clothes and things with the Marie Kondo method in mind, there is so much more value in the items we have chosen to keep. I’m enjoying our things and apprecitating them, rather than seeing them as clutter. It’s also a great way to teach our children to appreciate their things and their value.

Tidy Home Tidy Mind

When our homes are tidier, we see things more clearly. There isn’t much chance of avoiding clutter and chaos entirely when you have a family. But if there are certain areas of your home that are maintained to a tidy order, it means there is one less space to stress about. Our kitchen/play area is always a mess. But I take comfort in I’m maintaining order in areas such as our wardrobes at least.

Do you organise your clothes using the Marie Kondo Method? Do you find it worth this effort? Let me know in the comments below…

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