70 Summer Holiday Ideas & Activities

Summer Holiday Ideas & Activities: the girls walking through the lavender fields

It’s the summer I’ve always been dreading.

The summer holidays before Elsie starts actual big school, so want to make it one to remember, busting with fun summer ideas and activities and moments that we’ll treasure forever.

But at the moment, my mind is completely blank.

All I can think about is the fact that I haven’t ordered her school uniform yet in between stressing about how blooming heck I’m going to try and find time to work over the next six weeks. Then when those thoughts get too much, I wish that it was possible to just run away and travel the world just like The Bucket List Family.

But the reality is, this is our last pre-school summer before the big transition. So I really need to make this summer count and make it fun for all of us. But where does one begin? With a list of course!

Similar to my bumper pack of Easter Activities, I’ve transferred some ideas, plus added some summer relevant ones to bring you my scorching bunch of 70 Summer Holiday Ideas & Activities to keep you and your little ones entertained, and sane, this summer. Enjoy!

70 Summer Holiday Ideas & Activities

Summer Crafts & Activities

A lot of these ideas will no doubt involve a lot of preparation and possibly some mess. They most likely won’t last longer than five minutes until they’re over it and then you’ll be left with clearing up, but at least you tried…

Summer Holiday Ideas & Activities: the girls painting pebbles

Educational Summer Activities

Summer Holiday Ideas & Activities: Elsie fishing out the letters of her name in the paddling pool

Water & Sand Play Activities

Ah, water and sand, both are definitely a messy activity, but if they are positioned in the shade most children will really love these activities.

  • Car Wash- using a bowl of soapy water the kids can wash their garden cars and toys
  • Water Balloons
  • Buried Treasure (bury small toys or plastic play money for them to scoop and find)
  • Washing Up
  • Scooping out toys and objects with various utensils
  • Painting with water on cardboard
  • Ice play activities
  • Wash toy babies and dolls hair
  • Cookie Dough Moon Sand
  • Scooping sand with recycling
Summer Holiday Ideas & Activities: Billie in the sandpit

Active Ideas

When it’s not a sweltering 40 degrees outside then here are a few ideas to get us all moving and energised this summer, crazy heatwave depending!

  • Swimming 
  • Obstacle Courses 
  • Indoor Ball Games
  • Musical Statues 
  • Walking 
  • Scooters or Bike Rides 
  • Learn to Hula Hoop 
  • Trampolining
  • Climbing Trees
  • Family Yoga
Summer Holiday Ideas & Activities: the girls at our local country fair

Budget-Friendly Summer Holiday Ideas

A round-up of some relatively budget-friendly ideas for the Summer Holidays. So long as one doesn’t get talked into buying a pet at the free zoo..

  • A Picnic in the Park or Garden
  • A Playdate with friends or family
  • The Free Zoo…aka Pets At Home
  • A Forest Walk or Treasure Hunt
  • Make Cakes (the ready prepared packets are my go-to!)
  • Garden Centre Visit
  • Watering the plants or helping in the garden 
  • Home Cinema 
  • Visit the library 
  • Make lunch or dinner together

Summer Day Trips & Treat Ideas

A range of ideas for those special days when your budget allows or for perhaps when you’re feeling particularly stupid brave enough…

  • The Farm
  • Visit a Museum (I’m thinking we might brave it and visit the Natural History Museum to see the Dinosaurs.
  • A Day in London visiting the sights
  • Trampoline Park 
  • Soft Play 
  • Theme Park (I’d love to take the girls to the Room on the Broom Magical Journey at Chessington World of Adventures
  • Cinema
  • A Seaside Trip
  • Kew Gardens
  • A Palace Visit (I’d really like to take the girls to The Maze at Hampton Court)
  • An Air Show
  • The Theatre
  • National Trust Garden
  • Local Country Fair
  • The Zoo

Summer Holiday Memory Keepsake Ideas

A little idea to keep them, Ok more like you, focused throughout the holiday and something that they can keep to lookback on someday. 

  • A Photo Diary. Take photographs from each day or activities, print them off and put them together in a small book or album. Add stories or moments to create a little memory book from their Summer break. 
  • A Memory Box. Collect random items or memorabilia from each activity or experience. At the end of the holiday, you can open up the box and talk about all the things you’ve done together. 
  • Make A Video. Give your little one a chance to film something from each experience or activity. Put all the videos together on your Instagram highlights or edit it all together to create a little home movie of your time together.
  • A Photo Book. I recently put together a little photo album using the Popsa App. It was around £15.00 for a small album and the app was so quick and easy to use. I really love looking through the mini catalogue of our summer holiday together and know that we will for years to come.
  • Write A Diary. Ask your little ones about each day and help them to write a little diary about their summer holidays. They can add pictures, stickers and drawings. It will be a lovely thing to look back on or take to show their new teacher in September.

For more summer ideas and inspiration head over to my Pinterest board or if local to Surrey check out Surrey Mama’s brilliant suggestions. Also, don’t forget that you can keep organised this summer using my downloadable Summer Holiday Planner here!

What plans do you have for the summer holiday? Let me know in the comments below as I’d love to add to this list for next year…

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