The Renovation Project: The Garden

The Renovation Project: The Garden view of play house from side of the garden

When we decided to sell our first home and buy a house, way back at the start of 2015, we never imagined that it wouldn’t be until the summer of 2019 that we would finally be able to make use the garden.

We were perhaps a little naive as to how much time and money it would take to renovate our home and there have been many, many, times over the last four years when we have doubted the decision we made to take on such a big project.

Renovation Projects are extremely stressful.

They are only fun to carry out if you have an abundance of time and/or money on your hands. The whole ‘it will be worth it‘ doesn’t always come it to play as quickly as you hope it will either. But over the last year, we have been seeing the light and are now feeling really proud that we’ve stuck it out this far and didn’t abandon the renovation ship. Especially now that we are finally able to use, albeit, part of our garden.

The Renovation Project: The Garden

Ah, the garden.

One of the main reasons that we so longed for a house in the first place. That and the fact that carrying a six-month-old up six flights of stairs was getting harder and harder. We couldn’t wait to have a back garden that was all ours to entertain, relax and watch our babies play together in. So when we bought this house, we knew that the garden had a lot of potential. But with our renovation project taking place on the entire house, the garden has resembled a building site since day one.

June 2016-July 2018

With our fourth summer approaching and the girls asking to play in the garden more and more, we knew that it was time to start tackling the project.

Jack, having previously been a landscape gardener, he had a brilliant design, but unfortunately zero budget. So we’ve had to work backwards almost. Making a start where and when we could which have all made a huge difference already.

Spending whatever free time he had, Jack cleared the backend of the garden. Marking out the flower beds and where hedges and the patio will one day be, as well as creating a workspace and play area for the girls at the back of the garden.

The Lawn

To save money, Jack levelled out the lawn area and used grass seeds instead of turf. We timed this perfectly as we had some particularly miserable weather at the start of June so this gave the lawn perfect growing conditions. It was really exciting coming downstairs each day and seeing little green patches begin to sprout to now having a fully fledged fluffy lawn.

Surrounding the lawn are flower beds and we have been really lucky to have been gifted some amazing plants and trees from our family. All of which have made such a huge difference to the boarder of the garden already.

We’ve planted some hedging plants and will be putting in an archway at some point this summer which will divide the main garden area from the children’s play area at the back of the garden.

The Playhouse

The Renovation Project: The Garden view of play house from the side

I stumbled on a playhouse over on Kate Murnane’s YouTube channel from Garden Buildings Direct, and I thought it would be a brilliant idea for the girls. We were planning to get something similar for Elsie for her birthday, but instead Nanny & Grump’s treated the girls to one as a surprise! We are so thrilled with it and the girls absolutely love it. I’m looking forward to pimping the playhouse out with flooring, lights and a few cosy touches to make it really welcoming and cosy to play in all year round.

The playhouse will eventually be surrounded by sleepers and play bark to make the area more child-friendly too.

The Garden Renovation Design

Over the course of the next year or so, we hope to have the fences replaced. Especially as we don’t think the current ones will last another winter! We’d also love to say goodbye to our pile of hazardous crap and build a large patio area with steps down from the extension and then onto the grass.

In the future we would also like to replace the garage. It’s in desperate need of rebuilding which makes it a costly project, but one that will finish off the garden perfectly.

The Renovation Project: The Garden view of lawn from the back of the garden
The Renovation Project: The Garden view of garden from what will be the patio one day
The Renovation Project: The Garden view of the house from the back of the garden
The Renovation Project: The Garden view of the flower beds down the side of the garden

Garden Renovation Inspiration

Making use of the garden has already made a huge difference to us all. I’ve waited years to thow open the back doors and step out into our garden. Watching the girls run around playing together in it whilst Jack works away doing what he loves makes me feel really really happy.

This renovation project hasn’t been easy on us and I just know that we are over the worst of it now. We’re so ready to enjoy having a garden and making lots of fun memories in it together.

Fingers crossed that this time next year I’ll be able to write a garden renovation update post. In the meantime, you can follow me over on Instagram where I’ll share updates or head over to my Pinterest page where I’ve put together a board for my garden ideas and inspiration.

What areas of your home are you working on or planning this year? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

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