The Last Day Of Nursery

The Last Day Of Nursery: Elsie on the path on her way to nursery

I thought I would be a blubbering wreck on your last day of nursery.

But unlike your first day of nursery, where I sobbed all the way home. Drowning in guilt because I’d left you with strangers for the first time in two years and three months. On your last day of nursery, I was just too blooming proud to blub.

Always The Observer

You see, you’ve never been a fan of trying new things or being in strange places. Since the very early days, I’ve had to explain to everyone that you take time to warm up. Usually, once the party is over, you get into the swing of things just as everyone starts to say the goodbyes. You’ve always been an observer. You like to take things in, all in your own time. Sussing out whether or not it’s worth the energy to get involved. Or perhaps not, on several occasions.

So you can understand my worries as to why nursery was a big deal for us both. You’ve always been wise before your years. So keen to learn and absorb information and new things, which is why nursery, or pre-school was the best option for you. It gave you a place to spread your wings and learn and watching you on your pre-school graduation day, I couldn’t stop smiling with how far you’ve come.

The Last Day Of Nursery: Elsie by the car on her last day

Your Pre-School Days

I’ve watched you skip down the woodland path on our way to the pre-school so many times. The way you bounced through the doors and would then hop up to squeeze me goodbye once last time. Before making your way into the hall with confidence to add your name to the board before finding your friends.

Friends which I know mean the world to you right now. It took a little while but you soon formed a cute little circle of friends who would keep you entertained throughout the day until it was time to collect you at hometime. My favourite part of our day.

Mummy! I just love the way you call my name as you come bounding out the hall. Slamming into my legs as I kiss your now messy head. My heart bursting with pride. Another day done. Another day always closer to the next stage.

The Last Day Of Nursery: Elsie in the park on her last day

The Last Day Of Nursery

Before I knew it, here we were sitting in a circle on your last day of nursery. A day that I knew was coming, but it came around too quickly. But my darling girl, you’re so ready for your next chapter. So eager to learn how to read and to write your name all by yourself. I’ve known that you are ready for such a long time, which is why I didn’t blub that day, because I’m ready too.

Ready to hold your hand and help you every step of the way as we start this new transition together. It might be a bit rocky, to begin with, all the best journeys are, but I just know that before long, you’ll be sailing smoothly and I can’t wait to set sail with you.

I’m so proud of you Elsie Belle. You are by far one of my greatest achievements and I’m so lucky to experience this life with you.

Mummy x

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