The Tale of Starting School

 The Tale of Starting School: book on the shelf with wooden rainbow next to it

The summer holidays are really flying by which means that we will soon be officially starting school. Eek!

In all honesty, Elsie is still a bit wobbly about the whole thing. After her not-so-great-school-induction day, she’s still not really coming around to the idea of starting big school. No matter how positive and upbeat we try to be about the transition.

We’ve been reading books and talking about starting school using our affirmation cards that I featured in my first Starting School Series post. Which has been lovely, but I’m keen to try anything to help prepare Elsie for this transition.

So when the lovely ladies from Tales of Me got in touch after I shared their affirmation cards, (which I’d purchased), they so very kindly sent me their beautiful Tales of Me Starting School book as a lovely thank you and I couldn’t be more grateful.

The book is absolutely beautiful and it has already given Elsie and me something really fun work together on over the summer. So I wanted to share it with you all as it fits perfectly in with The Starting School Series too.

The Tale of Starting School

The Tale of Starting School is designed to help children and parents document this big adventure into a personalised book. With the aim towards helping give children a better and more supported understanding of this particular transition.

Created by primary school teacher Natalie Talisman and illustrated by Kirsten Taylor, The Tale of Starting School book really has covered every important aspect for little ones when starting school.

The Tale of Starting School: book open with scrap book photos ready to be cut and stuck in

It’s cleverly designed in a scrapbook style, to allow parents and children to contribute towards their book. By adding photos, colouring in pictures and adding personalised details to document this milestone.

It was such a treat to sit down with Elsie and go through this beautiful book together. She was so excited to start working on it and was a really positive activity to read and work through. It was also a great opportunity to spark the starting school conversation with her again. Encouraging the topic in a relaxed and fun way.

Beautifully Thought Out In Every Way

What struck me most was just how beautifully thought out this book is on every single page.

It’s immediately apparent that every and every page has been carefully thought out by not only a primary school teacher but one who happens to be a parent too, who knows and appreciates every single emotion, thought and emotion that a child will experience when starting primary school. All presented through the use of brilliant illustrations and colours that really appeal to our little ones.

One of my favourite parts of the book is where parents are given a space to write a message to their child on their first day of school. Something that I’m looking forward to writing nearer towards her start date. I’ll make sure I have my tissues handy when I do!

Elsie really loved colouring in the school uniforms. As well as practising her scissor, (eek) and glueing skills to stick down the photographs in various sections.

The Tales of Starting School: Elsie colouring in her school uniform page

I just know that we will continue to complete her book together over the course of the next few months and it will be something she will appreciate looking back on in years to come.

We love this book so much, that we made a little video together too!

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Thank you so much to The Tales of Me for gifting us this beautiful book. We both love it and really appreciate your generosity and support with The Starting School Series.

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