The Tidy Up Chart Free Printable

The Tidy Up Chart Free Printable: Elsie holding the stickers for her chart

We reached the half-way point of the summer holidays last week and I felt as if I was constantly knee-deep in a crapload of mess. I was surrounded by a million pen lids, scraps of paper, play money, balls of dried up play-doh. Plus a load of other crap for good measure. I just wanted to scoop everything up into a black bag and be done with it. I was so tempted. Which is why I decided to try and take control of the chaos by creating The Tidy Up Chart Free Printable.

The Tidy Up Chart Free Printable: elsie by their charts in the play area

The Nanny Life Was Easier

Having previously been a nanny, I couldn’t recall life being so damn messy all of the time? But then I remembered that A) all of the families I worked for had a cleaner. B) all I had to do was look after the kids as my one and only job and C) I got a shedload more sleep in those days. So my ability to cope with it was a tad more on form than it is today.

But surely things shouldn’t get so chaotic that you look like you’re on the set of Cheaper By The Dozen twenty-four-seven should it?

Especially when one is a tad obsessed with keeping things tidy and organised. Then being surrounded in a big old mess just isn’t great for the soul. Which is why I decided to make a few changes around here. Before everything the girls own ends up at the dump. So I’ve designed and created The Tidy Up Chart Free Printable. An easy to use chart which aims to keep us all in a bit more order and I’m really pleased to say that it’s working a charm.

The Tidy Up Chart Free Printable: Elsie pointing to her chart after getting a sticker

The Tidy Up Chart Free Printable

The idea is simple. Once your little one is finished with an activity, they need to tidy it away before moving on to something else. Then they get a sticker, simple.

There’s no treats or prizes, just stickers in order to move on throughout the day in a more tidier manner. Which will, (I’m hoping) leave you with more time to actually enjoy each others company more. Instead of spending all afternoon and evening tidying up.

We’re currently on our second week of using our Tidy Up Chart and it’s already making such a difference.

The Tidy Up Chart Free Printable: our completed charts after the first week of using them

More Time For Each Other

Instead of constantly picking up things around the girls, I’m now able to sit with them and do different activities. I’m not so frazzled at the end of each da, resenting that I have to spend a good hour of my evening picking up zillions of pen lids and building blocks and discarded play food.

Learning Positive Behaviour

I want the girls to also have more respect for their belongings and take care of everything they are so lucky to own, so The Tidy Up Chart is helping to demonstrate this positive behaviour.

Learning The Days Of The Week

Whilst using our charts I’ve noticed how it also encourages the girls to learn the days of the week. They ask what day it is, we point to it, spell it out and then we repeat the days of the week in the correct order to help Elsie, and Billie, try to remember them.

The Tidy Up Reward Chart Free Printable

I’ve designed and created two versions of the printable for your little ones. Simply download and print then display it somewhere accessible for the child, then get playing and tidying!

Unicorn Tidy Up Chart Free Printable
Download the Unicorn Tidy Up Chart Here
Dinosaur Tidy Up Chart Free Printable
Download the Dinosaur Tidy Up Chart Here

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