Family Organisation Station Inspiration & Ideas

It’s taken me nearly four and a half years to get really get my organising mojo back.

Becoming a parent completely threw me into a state of disarray for so long. I’m not a wing-it kind of person. But 99% of the time when it comes to babies, particularly multiples under two, you’ve got absolutely no choice but to wing-it. So now that we’re easing out of the baby stage, I’m finding my feet again. I’m really enjoying getting our life a little more organised and I love finding new ways to keep us all on track.

Two weeks into 2020 and the diary dates, reminders and party invitations are rolling in. So I’ve decluttered our noticeboard and created more of a Family Organisation Station. Or Command Centre, as they are sometimes called, all ready to keep on top of what’s set to be another busy year.

Family Organisation Station: our notice board all clear for a new year

It’s become my latest addiction over on Pinterest. Mooching through Family Organisation Station Inspiration and Ideas when I should be sleeping! There are just so many brilliant ways to keep the family organised and so I thought I’d share our Family Organisation Station along with some of the fabulous ones I’m lusting over in case anyone is need of some ideas and inspiration for your own.

Our Family Organisation Station

The idea is simple. A designated area in your home where you keep all those important bits of everyday admin and reminders to keep on top of our busy lives. I rely on elements of it every day and it really helps to keep me and the rest of the Albury’s organised on a daily basis.

Family Organisation Station: our notice board and command centre set up

Notice Board

The notice board is something that builds up over the course of the month. To try to keep it as less cluttered as possible, I’ve recently made these cute little organising tabs. They aim keep everything in sections making it easier to declutter on a regular basis.

Meal Planner

Some weeks I’m on fire with my meal planning, other weeks it’s not used at all. But it’s always handy to have a plan. Particularly on really busy weeks when there’s little time to plan our meals.


This gold basket from eBay is working brilliantly to store the girls’ school letters. As well as anything I need to action or read through at a later date.

Shopping List

To keep us organised for food shopping, I designed and created these handy free printable shopping lists. They really do save us time when shopping, especially with the girls. They also help us stick to the list and therefore budget.

Weekly To-Do List

My weekly to-do lists, (also available as a free printable) are really handy too. I use these to stay on top of little tasks that need doing on a day to day basis.

The Calendar

No Family Organisation Station would be complete without one and I absolutely love this Emma Bridgewater one. It not only has loads of space to keep everyone organised on a week-by-week view, but the designs are beautiful too.

Family Organisation Inspiration & Ideas

If you’re looking for some more inspiration or ideas to start creating your own Family Organisation Station, I’ve put together some of my favourites below. They are so simple to pull together and will really help to keep the whole family organised.

Pin Family Organisation Station Inspiration & Ideas For Later

Family Organisation Station Pin for Pinterest

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