21 Ways To Share The Love This Valentine’s Day

21 Ways To Share The Love This Valentine's Day: Heart cup cake flat lay

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is probably the simplest of days to celebrate.

We risk losing fingers carving pumpkins for Halloween, celebrating everything that scares the bejeezus out of us. Then we choose to freeze our butts off for Guy Fawkes Night, watching gun powder explode in the sky, just praying that nothing accidentally comes flying in your direction. So Valentine’s Day is probably the least hazardous of days to celebrate as well as the simplest, and all you need to do is simply share a bit of love.

Share The Love

Even now as a parent, where romance pretty much involves a take-away, a glass of wine on the sofa and getting the ‘ump with your other half for looking at his phone and not paying attention to Game of Thrones, I still really enjoy Valentine’s Day.

I really love teaching the girls about all of the traditions we celebrate and Valentine’s Day is no different.

A few years ago, I bought the girl’s Valentine’s Day gifts, but I soon realised how unnecessary it all was- it’s not about grand gestures and consumerism. It can just be about love in its simplest form.

Since then, I’ve been thinking of other ways we can celebrate the season of love, without buying gifts. So I’ve put together a list of 21 Ways To Share The Love This Valentine’s Day just in case you’re looking for simple, meaningful ideas and ways to celebrate it too.

21 Ways To Share The Love This Valentine’s Day

Homemade Cards & Crafts

Last year we made these lollipop butterflies for Elsie’s nursery friends and they really loved them. We’ve also made these springy love hearts before, but this year I want to attempt these cute little caterpillars.

For more kids’s Valentine’s craft ideas- check out this post I put together last year!)

A Love-Filled Breakfast

I’m going to attempt to make some heart-shaped pancakes this week- before school– so they will most likely end up being scrambled pancakes made with love and a sprinkle of tension.

Send A Message

I often think “oh, I must send a message to…” and then I’m distracted by someone or some drama. But this Valentine’s Day I want to message just a few people to send them my love and a positive message to boost their day.

21 Ways To Share The Love This Valentine's Day: love heart sweets

Do Something Kind For A Stranger

Help someone off the bus. Hold open doors. Buy a lone parent a coffee. Say hello and smile. The simple acts of kindness are endless, yet priceless, remembered and most importantly, appreciated.

Make A Gift

Nothing demonstrates a lot of love more than a homemade gift and there are tons of ideas over on Pinterest.

Check On A Friend

Maybe they’ve recently had a baby or they’ve been having a tough time. Showing them that you’re thinking of them- or that you are here for them will make a huge difference to their day. Especially if you drop round with a sweet treat and warm hug.

Bake With Love

Make a batch of biscuits or cakes and take them to your local care home or church to distribute.

21 Ways To Share The Love This Valentine's Day: red cake sprinkles in the shape of a heart

Donate To Charity

From money contributions to donating items to a charity of your choice is one very cool way to share the love this Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate Your Friends

Gather all your friends together for a night in or out as a way of celebrating all the love and support you provide each other over the year.

Tackle The Chores

Clean the toilets. Wizz the hoover. Unload the dishwasher. Any little task, that perhaps you might not always get around to doing, to help out around will always go down well.

Appreciate Your Good Fortunes

Even if Valentine’s Day brings with it a cloud of gloom for you, turn this feeling around. List all of the things you have to be thankful for in your life. You might see that you have more to be happy about than you thought and in turn this could make the day seem a lot more brighter.

Say Thank You

Giving thanks and appreciating each other is one of the simplest ways you can share the love this Valentine’s Day. From co-workers, to family and friends or anyone who helps, encourages or inspires you on a regular basis- say thank you and show your appreciation.

Send A Love Letter

A good old fashioned-pen to paper-love letter. They’re not for everyone- my husband would probably dose off half way through mine if I wrote him one. But I’m pretty sure they are still a thing- especially on Valentine’s Day.

21 Ways To Share The Love This Valentine's Day: pencil and paper with hearts flat lay

Give To A Food Bank

With half-term just around the corner, families will be relying on food bank supplies to feed their children whilst off school. Find your local food bank organisation here.

Small Gestures

Run a bath. Cook a nice meal. Make a cup of tea. Buy their favourite treats. Small, yet simply perfect gestures to show each other that you care.

Say Sorry

Elton John wasn’t kidding when he said that “Sorry seems to be hardest word” was he? Most of us aren’t very good at admitting when we’re wrong, but it’s probably the most positive way of releasing pent up negative energy. So apologising for the little things, or the big, this Valentine’s Day will help free up any negative vibes, allowing more space for a lot more lurve.

Give Someone A Hug

Studies say that hugging for longer than 20 seconds actually reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure, which sounds like the best kind of medicine in my book.

21 Ways To Share The Love This Valentine's Day: Happy Cuddle Day Sign

Spending Quality Time

Whether it’s with your children or friends or your loved one. Spending actual quality time together is a way of appreciating the love and the time you have together. No phones, no distractions, just simple and precious interactions with one another.

List It

Write down all of the things you love about someone and give it to them. So much of our day is taken up by formalities and habits. What do you want for dinner? What time will you be home? Did you take the bins out? Can you pick up your dirty washing?! Wouldn’t it be lovely to receive a list of all the things that your loved one loves about you for a change?

Shop Small

If you do want to buy your loved one a gift this Valentine’s Day, then mooch along your local high street or search Instagram or Etsy for a small business to support. There are so many small business that would really apprecaite it and with every order placed, someone does a little happy dance.

I Love You

Some of us say it a hundred times a day. Some a little less. So what better day to say it to someone, and mean it, then on Valentine’s Day.

How will you be sharing the love this Valentine’s Day? Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy it and that you’re surrounded by love in any shape or form.

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