7 Simple Ways To Practice Self Care

Gosh. It’s taken me nearly four and a half years to even attempt to try and figure out, let alone practice, the whole self-care thing.

You’d think that even after a little stint hospital this time last year, that I would have made more effort by now in looking after myself. But no. I’m still figuring it out and like most of us, there just isn’t a lot of time to focus on just you.

Too Busy For Self-Care

Our lives are busier than ever. We’re being fed a ridiculous amount of information about how we should do pretty much everything. From looking after our children, our homes, our minds, our bodies. New fads, new ideas, new methods, and trends. It’s hard to keep up, leaving very little time for us.

7 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care: me and the girls

Too Tired For Self-Care

Juggling everyone and everything is really hard sometimes. But if I’ve learned anything over the last year, it’s that I really do feel better if I’ve done something for myself.

Like all things parenthood, everyone figures these things out for themselves at different stages. I’ve finally got to the point where I’m more organised during the day with the housework, using my printable planner, which has then freed up more time in the evenings.

It’s not rocket science I know, but for so long I would always find myself folding washing at 11 pm or cleaning the bathroom once the girls had gone to bed on a Saturday night. It wasn’t fun.

Small Changes Make Huge Differences

I was more knackered and resentful that I was having to spend my precious free time doing housework when all I wanted or needed to do was relax and recharge. So using my housework planner has made a huge difference. It’s allowed me to refocus and make more time for me. Which in turn has had a more positive impact on the rest of the family too. Which is always a good thing.

I’ve not been jetting off to a spa or regularly having beauty treatments. One can wish. These are just a few of the simple things that at long last, a little me time to practice self-care.

7 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care

Bath Time Cleanse Time

It’s the simplest of things, but one that was a game-changer for me. I picked up this tip from Emily over at Cupcakes & Cashmere and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner.

Every evening, whilst the bath is running or when the kids are playing in the bath, simply take off your make up and cleanse your face then. Instead of at 11 pm at night which is when I had been doing it. Or perhaps not some nights when I’ve been just too tired.

Bedtime Mode

Using your phone alarm clock, set your phone to a specific bedtime mode. It not only activates your wake-up call but also sets your phone to Do Not Disturb Mode. Darkening your locked screen and hiding all notifications until morning. This mode has been a really good reminder for me to switch off from the screens and onto something more relaxing before sleep.

7 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care: a made bed with a phone on the bedside table

Reading Before Bed

I’ve set myself a challenge to read at least seven books this year. Reading before bed, instead of looking at my phone has really helped me to switch off and enjoy doing something that I’ve really missed since becoming a parent to two-non sleepers. Even if it’s just fifteen minutes before I start to nod off, knowing that I’ve read a few pages of my book is really making a difference to my mindset before sleep.

7 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care: open book and reading glasses on the bed

Hot Bath Screen Time

This is one of my favourite self-care practices that I’ve been doing lately. Setting aside one night a week to run a really hot bubble bath, position the iPad and immerse myself whilst I sob to an episode of This Is Us…and I love it.

For all the years I spent sitting in the dark getting the girls to sleep, only for them to wake up half an hour later, this was all I ever dreamed of doing and so it’s a real treat.

7 Simple Ways To Practice Self Care: Empty wine glass on staircase

Cut It Out

We’ve been making a conscious effort to cut down on our alcohol intake lately.

Ever since I went to Alison Perry’s Not Another Mummy Blog live podcast recording on Mindful Drinking & Sobriety As A Mum with Clemmie Telford and Rosamund Dean, it has made me really think about the amount of alcohol I consume and why.

For so long it was kind of a coping mechanism for parenting. We had two small babies, who were rubbish sleepers. We couldn’t go out because all of our money was consumed by our new home. So we would drink more and more. Although in the moment it would make us feel more relaxed, later it only fuelled my anxieties and stressed and made me feel really ugh.

So I’ve been cutting it out as much as possible and I feel so much better for it.

The same goes for anything. If it’s not making you feel good, or it’s impacting your everyday life in some way, try and cut it out. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll notice the positive changes it makes to your body and your mind.

Do Something The Old You Loved Doing

You might have to think long and hard about this one, or not at all. What did the old you love doing? Think back and try and do it. A night out, a weekend away, a cinema date, a massage, a sport or something really simple. Whatever it is, doing something the old you enjoyed doing is a treat and a great way to practice self-care.

Positive Affirmations

Something we all might feel a bit strange about doing, but I really believe they work is saying Positive Affirmations. Just taking a moment or two to positively re-adjust the mind with affirmations about you can really help you overcome any self-doubts or negative thoughts that might be clouding your focus.

Here are 10 Positive Affirmations for self-care that I’ve put together. Feel free to save or pin over on Pinterest for future reference.

7 Simple Ways To Practice Self Care: 10 Positive Affirmations Pinnable Image

What simple yet effective ways do you practice self care? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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