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Over the last few weeks I’ve been going through my blog with a fine-tooth comb. Giving it a much needed tidy up and declutter ready for Spring and the plans that I have for Beyond Tired.

The Seven Year Itch

It’s been a bit cathartic reading through all of my posts from my newly married days through to becoming a parent. It’s as if I’ve discovered my dusty old diaries. Unearthing my past, year by year. A lot of posts were really cringe-worthy, some were funny and some were really sad. But it was so interesting reading through them. Seeing how much I’ve changed over the last seven years and it’s also made me question the reasons as to why I should continue blogging.

Not Everyone Gets It

Even seven years on, it’s still a funny old thing, blogging. It’s been such a huge part of my life for so long and even though my blogging experience has been rewarding and fun, it’s not always been easy.

You can pick your niche. Some create content about cooking or baking or crafts. Other choose interiors or fashion, but I chose my life. You can’t write about things that don’t interest you. It would be like writing a thesis on maths when you failed your maths GCSE. It just wouldn’t be fun would it?

Telling the world, or perhaps just a handful of people, details about your personal life is exposing on every level, especially when not everyone gets it.

My husband was never really fully on board with the idea and probably still isn’t. But he continues to support me as he has done in every challenge or passion I take on. He’s read every post before I’ve hit publish and has always encouraged me to do what I love. He’s a keeper.

Friends have been amazingly supportive and then sometimes they haven’t. My family hasn’t always understood it, whilst others have loved it. People have misinterpreted things I’ve put out there and then made comments to friends and family which in turn have knocked my confidence on many levels.

It’s benefitted our lives in lots of ways, but it’s also, at times, had a negative impact too.

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The Rise & The Fall

The pressures of social media and the constant gloom of comparison and failure have fuelled my anxiety and my confidence in so many ways over the last few years.

I’ve rebranded my blog three times which has impacted my viewing statistics immensely and I’ve had to find the time and the energy to rebuild each and every time.

I’ve seen my numbers rise at the start of my blogging journey to over 2,000 hits per day. To then plummet to zero over the course of a month in more recent years.

If 2,000 people are reading your blog per day, then you’re worth investing in from a marketing point of view. If no one is reading it, then what is the point?

I went from being offered some amazing opportunities to being rejected for every collaboration I’ve applied for simply because I don’t have the numbers anymore in an industry that’s oversaturated with influencers.

I’ve wanted to pack it all in and delete every social media account on many occasions, but I’ve never had the guts.

So you’re probably wondering too…why do I continue to bother with it?

Until very recently I honestly wasn’t entirely sure as to what it is that compels me to continue blogging.

Why Do I Bother?

Perhaps it’s the ridiculous amount of money and the time that I’ve invested in it over the years. It might be because I’m an over-thinker and an over-sharer, and if I didn’t have this space to offload I might combust.

It could be because out of everything I’ve done in my life: every job, every idea, and every hobby, this is the one that has stuck.

But there are two definite reasons as to why I am still here typing and sharing. Firstly I love writing and secondly, I want the girls to know my struggles and my strengths.

Going back through my old posts I realised that there is so much I’ve forgotten already. My days as a wedding planner and a newlywed.

The struggles and thoughts I was faced with when trying for a baby. The trauma I felt when that longed-for baby arrived. The battles and the joys that come with parenthood. Over time, you forget all the details and I don’t want to forget. I want to remember everything so that I can continue to be the best mother I can for the girls.

Through career and life choices to motherhood, I don’t want my words of wisdom to be limited to hindsight and selective memory. I want to be able to say, “I get it” and remember exactly why I get it.

Fundamentally everything I ever wrote was to try to help others. Whether it was about making them smile or laugh to make them feel not so alone or to help make their lives a little easier in some way. I always had, have, someone else in mind when I was writing.

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It’s My Passion Project

Even now, everything I write I have the girls in mind. How would they find this helpful in twenty years or more? What am I going to forget in time that I might want them to know? I want them to be able to look back at my blog and see how their Mummy changed throughout all the experiences of her life. The highs and the lows and how I found a creative outlet to manage lifes challenges and anxieties.

The blog has morphed from a time-filler – a hobby, into a passion project and something that I’m really proud of continuing with over the last seven years. It’s taken me this long to realise that even though not everyone understands it, it’s OK. For everyone who didn’t get it, there were always several others who really did and for every positive comment, share and thank you message received, I kept on writing. I hope that one day the girls are thankful that I continued with it, even past the seven-year itch.

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I’m making a few changes and have lots of plans for the blog this year starting with a shakeup over on Instagram. Making my old account private and moving everything blog related to @katie_beyondtired instead. Plus I’m launching a new regular Beyond Tired email which you can sign up to receive here. Bursting with parenting advice, motivational organising tips and the occasional rant for good measure, the Beyond Tired email aims to bring you a little helping hand directly to your inbox.

I’m feeling really excited and positive about moving forward with the blog and I hope that you’ll continue to find it useful too. Here’s to the next seven years!

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