12 Craft Activities Using Paper Plates

12 Craft Activities Using Paper Plates: Elsie holding a paper plate

It’s day nine of the Coronavis Lockdown in the UK. I’m absolutely exhausted already, but I’m determined to try and make this time as fun as possible for the girls.

We’ve got an easy breezy schedule and reward chart. Which seems to be working for us so far and I’m throwing in some creative activities when possible. Our moods, the amount of mess involved and energy levels depending of course. But if there’s one craft activity I can always rely on- it’s the good old paper plate.

Stay At Home Activities

This is actually a post that I started putting together last summer. When we’d reached Week Seven of the summer holidays and I was well and truly scraping the barrel in the entertainment department. Which is ironic now that we find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic. We are all in desperate need of barrels absolutely full to the brim with quick, easy and fun activities to keep our little ones entertained during these long Stay at Home weeks. Or possibly months, eek, that lay ahead of us.

So here it is, more needed than ever before, a whole blog post featuring 12 Craft Activities Using Paper Plates.

12 Craft Activities Using Paper Plates

  1. Nail Bar. Draw around your hand, cut it out and add some nails. Then let them loose with some kids nail varnish or dig out some old ones that use anymore. Just have a bottle of nail varnish remover handy.
  2. Ice Cream Cones. Cut out the scoops and a cone and then stick them together to create your ice cream. Then using glue go crazy with a tub of sprinkles and colouring pens to decorate your paper plate ice creams.
  3. Treasure Maps. Using dotted lines to draw a pirate map and then head off on an adventure in search of buried treasure.
  4. Paper Plate Turtles. Decorate the turtle’s shell with whatever bits of paper or craft materials you can find. Or keep it simple and paint him green. Then add some legs, a tail, and his head.
  5. Steering Wheels. Using some coloured pens to create the ultimate steering wheel for a racing car, a plane, helicopter, rocket or even a spaceship then whizz off on an adventure of a lifetime.
  6. Tropical Fish. Use paints to create a shoal of bright and colourful fishes.
  7. Paper Plate Pizza. Create a delicious paper plate pizza with all your favourite toppings.
  8. Masks. Draw your favourite animal or character then add a lolly stick to finish your mask.
  9. Funny Monsters. Cut a hole in the middle, add teeth and googly eyes to make some funny monsters.
  10. Threading. This is a good one for preschoolers. Using a hole punch and some fuzzy pipes, create a pattern around the plate. Then thread through the holes using the pipes.
  11. A Lady Bird.This one is really cute with moving wings too!
  12. Paper Plate Dinosaurs. Recreate a range of fun dinosaurs using and sponge printing create the

Let me know if you and your little ones create something fun using a paper plate, I’d love to see it. Tag me in over on Instagram @katie_beyondtired

Stay safe, stay well and stay home peeps and remember whatever you are doing during this time, you are enough.

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