Homeschool Planner & Reward Chart Printable

Whilst the grown-up world was resembling the start of one of those disaster movies, we were taking some comfort in the fact that our children were continuing their lives as normal as possible. But then the schools closed and now the children of 2020 find themselves at home for the foreseeable and unpredictable future.

Now more than ever we need a bit of a structure.

This is a confusing and worrying time for us all. So whilst we attempt to navigate a new normal in the cocoon of our homes, I’ve designed two new templates to help keep the little ones busy and structured so that life doesn’t become one constant snack consuming iPad fest.

Homeschool Planner

Like most parents, we’re feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of homeschooling our children for the foreseeable future. But having done some research and heard from real-life teachers, the message is simple. Do not put yourself under any unnecessary pressure.

And I’m rolling with this with my simple easy to follow planner.

There are no set timings for activities except for Joe Wick’s P.E. lesson and our usual snack and meal times.

I’ve split the morning and afternoon into three sessions. These could be a five minute or 1 hour activity. We might even get all of our activities done by 11am. I’m going to wing it, hope for the best and treat myself to a large gin on the days when it’s all going a bit tits up…and you should do the same.

Homeschool Reward Chart

For someone who struggles to get their child to read at home, I am slightly nervous about the prospect of trying to teach a know-it-all-four-year-old. That’s why I sent her to school in the first place. But I do know that she’s quite keen on a reward chart. There’s space to write down what she’s achieved in each area of structured learning and then at then once we’ve completed each one she gets a sticker. Simples. She hopes.

You Are Enough

Just being at home in a safe, fun and loved environment is enough.

If you’ve ever been on holiday or away for a weekend as a family, have you ever noticed how much the children flourish when they spend quality time with you. Take away the anxieties of schools and the tiredness of a structured and pressured day and the kids are sometimes easier to manage. Sometimes. This is the approach I’m taking anyway.

I’m looking at this time together as a gift. A gift of precious time. Of course, there will days where this new life gets too much. The mess, the chaos, the cabin fever, the need for other social interaction from our loved ones. The lifelines that we never realised that we relied on so much. There will be waves of wobbles and sadness, but I know we will get through this and we will be stronger and more appreciative of our lives, our health and a freedom more than ever.

Let me know if the printable comes in handy. I’ll try and share more of our homeschooling and social distancing experience when I’m not too busy sorting snacks, tidying up and entertaining the divas. Stay safe, stay home and if you want to chat, rant, scream, cry or swear, message me over @katie_beyondtired on Instagram.

Homeschooling Printables

Download the Homeschool Planner Here

Download the Homeschool Reward Chart

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