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Hello readers & fellow book lovers…

Having changed career back in December 2011 (again…you’ll see a pattern forming), I needed a new focus so decided to start our book club. Partly to share my passion for literature with others, but largely to have another regular social event in the diary! At first I wasn’t sure too sure how serious we would all take it and would we actually a) read the book and b) want to take a discussion seriously. But of course, our group consists of ten women, give us any topic and we can discuss it, digress and debate until the sun comes up!

We have now read a wide range of novels, some brilliant, some a bit pants, but we have never failed to have a fab evening catching up and of course discussing various themes and issues relating to our chosen book. So that others can share our reading journey, on this page I have listed below our past reads, along with questions discussed and general responses and then I will continue to post our future reads via my home page which can then also be viewed via the Book Club Page. 

Please feel free to use the group discussion questions or message me if you have any book suggestions!

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Miss Enchanting’s Previous Book Club Reads

  • The Help- Kathryn Stockett
  • Sister- Rosamund Lupton
  • Before I Go To Sleep- SJ Watson
  • The Very Thought of You- Rosie Alison
  • A Cold Season- Alison Littlewood
  • Fifty Shades of Grey- EL James
  • Me Before You- Jo Jo Moyes
  • Into The Darkest Corner- Elizabeth Haynes
  • Before She Was Mine- Kate Long
  • A Little Bit Marvelous- Dawn French
  • The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern 
  • The Crimson Petal & The White- Michel Faber
  • The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year- Sue Townsend

Please see below for book reviews, synopsis and group discussion questions!


The Help- Kathryn Stockett 

Enter a vanished world: Jackson, Mississippi, 1962.

Where black maids raise white children, but aren’t trusted not to steal the silver…

The book was an interesting and brave choice to get our club started. Most found the book quite challenging due to the deep southern dialect and writing style, however I found this aspect of the book so endearing and beautiful that it really helped create the world Stockett wanted you to visualize. 

Miss Enchanting Book Club Rating: 3/5

A heart-breaking, hilarious and humbling read and a huge recommendation for any book club. And you love the book then you will simply adore the film!

The Help- Book Club Discussion Questions

1. What character did you find most likable?

2. Which character were you most sympathetic towards?

3. What motivated Aibileen?

4. What did you think about Minny’s revenge?

5. Did you ever sympathize with Miss Hilly? Do you think it’s possible to be a good mother, despite her characters flaws? 

6. How do you feel this book relates to real life in 2011?


Sister- Rosamund Lupton 

You’re missing. I’m coming to find you…

Their bond was unbreakable. The truth was unimaginable. 

A gripping page turner that will have you hooked on every detail and poised on every step of Beatrice’s journey to find her missing sister.  

Miss Enchanting Book Club Rating: 4/5

A frightening and emotional book choice that left us all eager to discuss and explore its dark and twisted plot and most of all its brilliant ending twist.

Sister- Book Club Discussion Questions

1. What are you thoughts on the structure of Sister? How do you think the tenses and narrative techniques add to the overall effect of the story? 

2. How would you compare and contrast Beatrice and Tess? 

3. Do you think Beatrice changes throughout the course of the story and, if so, how?

4. What character did you find most likable?

5. What is the central theme of the book and how does it resonate with you? 

6. Who is your favorite/least character and how true did each of them feel?

7. Did you agree with Beatrice in her determination to discover the truth, despite it driving those she loved away from her?

8. The end of the story throws a shocking twist. Did the ending work for you? How else do you feel the story could have ended? 


Before I Go To Sleep- SJ Watson

Memories define us.

So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep?

Welcome to Christine’s life.

A terrifying tale that pushes the ideas of memories, identity and trust to the limit. Christine wakes up every morning unable to remember her name, her identity, her past or any of her loved ones- everything is forgotten while she sleeps and the only person she can trust may only be telling her half the story. 

Miss Enchanting Book Club Rating: 3/5

A good book choice, but our group did feel that the structure was slightly repetitive, although understandably this was unavoidable due to the nature of the plot! However it made for a thrilling read and our group definitely bonded during this meeting with the discussion surrounding our personal memories and how they have defined who we are today. This book will certainly leave you appreciative of your own memories and how much you trust the people around you!  

Before I Go To Sleep- Book Club Discussion Questions

1. ” What are we if not an accumulation of our memories?” (page 166) How important is memory to our sense of identity?

2. What are the events in your life that have been important in shaping who you are?

3. Can you imagine what it might be like if you couldn’t remember them? How different would you be as a person?

4. Christine doesn’t feel a strong sense of love for her husband and wonders if it is normal after so many years of marriage. Do you think it’s inevitable that a marriage changes that way?

5. What are your thoughts towards Christine’s affair? Why do you think it happened and why she risked her marriage?

6. Why does “Ben” keep things from Christine (Adam, her book etc)? Do you think this was right?

7. Christine doesn’t feel that she has achieved many goals and ambitions. Do you think this is common for a woman of her age?

8. What are your thoughts towards the character of Dr Nash?

9. Do you like the ending? Did it represent closure for you? Do you think she will remember what happened to her when she wakes up? 


The Very Thought Of You- Roise Alison

A story of longing, loss and complicated loyalties…

this is not just a love story, but a story about love.

A powerful and beautiful, yet haunting tale centered around Anna Sands, an eight year old evacuee who is relocated to an estate in Yorkshire. The book explores a range of relationships and the the physiological affects the Second World War had on those who lost, loved and longed for something more.

Miss Enchanting Book Club Rating: 2/5 

Our group were divided on our opinions on this book. It is a more challenging read compared to our previous choices, however the issues and themes raised provided plenty of discussion. 

The Very Thought Of You- Book Club Discussion Questions

1. The title of the novel is The Very Thought of You. Discuss the power of thoughts as a theme in the novel. What does the title mean to you? 

2. Elizabeth Ashton is a complex character. She is blighted by her inability to obtain the one thing she wants most, to the point of madness. Do you feel that- in a way- she is more trapped by her inability to have children than Thomas is by his disability? Do you feel that her deep unhappiness excuses her behavior and final betrayal? Or did you  find her entirely unsympathetic? How much of the fault in their damaged relationship do you feel lies with Thomas? 

3. Did adult Anna’s similarities to Elizabeth (drinking, feeling disconnected from her husband, engaging in affairs, the pull of wanting something more), suprise you? Why or why not? 

4. There are various examples of marriage, romance and sexual relationships in this novel. Based on your reading, what do you make of the attitudes about marriage during this time? What about attitudes regarding fidelity, sex or love? 

5. The role of women was clearly very different from that of today, do you think the impending war had any part in the way relationships were formed and carried out in this novel? Is it the search for completeness that the characters seem to be undertaking a symptom of the time? 

6. Did you feel Thomas was right to tell Anna that he had, in fact, thought about her all those years- that she did mean something to him? If he hadn’t said this, do you think would have been as shocked and devastated to read his final letter to Ruth? 

7. The book is full of character who don’t seem to reach their full potential and are burdened by the expectations of others. How much of our lives are shaped by the thoughts and opinions of others?

8. Anna carries her letters in her pocket, “reminding her…That she belonged to somebody”. How important is this theme in the novel and is this desire to belong still as relevant to us today? 


A Cold Season- Alison Littlewood

A Broken Family…A Dark Secret…Isolated. 

The Cold Season has begun. 

A chilling and surreal story that will have you second guessing each twist and turn that Cass encounters as she attempts to rebuild her life with her son, in a remote and eerie village, just as winter is settling in. 

Miss Enchanting Book Club Rating: 4/5

This ‘tame’ horror literally had us gripped from the beginning- screaming at Cass to leave the isolated village from the very first chapter! But then of course, there wouldn’t be any horror stories if everyone turned back and walked away to safety at the first sign of any danger would there? 

A Cold Season- Book Club Discussion Questions

1. Can we identify with Cass’ belief that returning to the past will help her move on?

2. How does the setting figure into the book? Is the setting a character?

3. Many of the characters have absent fathers, the male presence in the village is small- what has Alison Littlewood created this emasculated village? Would Remick have the same hold if Pete and the other dads were present?

4. Belief- (in God, Satan, family, yourself), plays a big part in the theme of the novel. Why do the characters allow Remick such a hold on them? What sets them apart from Mrs Winthrop (butcher) and Bert for example? 

5. Remick tells Cass she’s “not a good mother but we’ll never take him from you. We’ll never blame you. All we will do is support and help and love you, make you better than you are”. Is Remick right, are we able to defend her decisions, will Ben ever be able to? 

6. How do you feel about the character of Lucy- how she is portrayed and then ‘dealt with’? What about Jess? Remick labels her a “loose end”, how do you feel about her ending? 

7. “No one could be looked after forever…In the meantime there was his gift” Is Cass’ grasp on what motherhood/family really is, as delusional as Remicks? 

8. Did certain parts of the book make you uncomfortable? If so, why did you feel that way? Did this effect your enjoyment of the book?

8. Did you feel that the book fulfilled your expectations? Were you disappointed? 


Me Before You- Jo Jo Moyes

Lou Clark knows lots of things…

Lou Clark’s mundane life is about to change. Will Traynor feels that his life has ended leaving no physical room for change. Their lives are about to entwine, both changing each others for all time.  

Miss Enchanting Book Club Rating: 3/5

A thought provoking and charming book that will force you to look at the value of life, love and friendship. The story touches on a taboo subject, one that you may not have thought about in dept before, but after reading this book you will have a personal attachment to the issue and to the characters. 

Me Before You- Book Club Discussion Questions 

1. If you were Louisa, would you have quit working for the Traynors? If yes, at what point?

2. Were you able to relate to the way Will felt after his accident? What about his outlook on life did you find most difficult to understand or accept?

3. Discuss the meaning of the novel’s title. To whom do the “me” and “you” refer?

4. Louisa often finds Mrs. Traynor cold and judgmental. Is there an appropriate way to behave in Mrs. Traynor’s situation?

5. What is your opinion of Mr. Traynor? Did it change after you read his side of the story?

6. Why is Louisa able to reach Will when so many others could not?

7. Were you as surprised as Lou to learn of Will’s plans?

8. Compare Louisa’s relationship with Treena to Will’s relationship with Georgina. Do siblings know one another any better simply because they are related?

9. Would Patrick have asked Louisa to move in with him if he hadn’t felt threatened by Will? If Louisa had never accepted her job with the Traynors, where would her relationship with Patrick have gone?

10. Discuss Louisa’s own secret ties to the castle. Would most girls in her situation have blamed themselves? Should Treena have behaved differently in the aftermath?

11. What did you make of the way Lou’s mother, Josie, judges Lou’s decisions regarding Will. Is Josie’s reaction fair?

12. Before his accident, Will was a philanderer and a corporate raider who would probably never have given Louisa a second look. Why is it that people are so often unable to see what’s truly important until they’ve experienced loss?


Into the Darkest Corner- Elizabeth Hynes

“Utterly convincing in it’s portrayal of obsession and a tour d force of suspense”

Soon after meeting the gorgeous Lee, Catherine soon realises that things were too good to be true. He quickly becomes controlling and obsessive pushing her into a state where escape is her only option for survival. 

Miss Enchanting Book Rating: 5/5 

Wow this book is a real page turner and will have you gripped from the very first pages. It dives into the severe and mental scars that emotional and physical abusive relationships leave behind. 

Into the Darkest Corner- Book Club Discussion Questions

1. Into the Darkest Corner has a unique and compelling narrative structure that alternates between past and present, Catherine and Cathy’s stories. How did this storytelling device affect, enhance your read? Did you find yourself relating to one time period over another?

2. On p. 127 Lee says to Catherine, “Don’t you like it rough?” At what point did you begin to distrust Lee? What stood out to you as the biggest warning sign?

3. Catherine’s female friends increasingly believe Lee’s story over Catherine’s as their relationship deteriorates. Do you deem Catherine’s friends’ willingness to side with Lee a betrayal, or just an inability to see the uglier side of his devotion to Catherine?

4. On p. 221 Lee claims that Sylvia gave him her number one night when they’re all out. Given what unfolds between Lee and Sylvia later in the novel, do you believe him in this instance?

5. Lee’s transformation into a monster is so gradual that it’s difficult to comprehend. What does his treatment of Catherine say about the lines between love and hate, sex and violence? Do you believe that he could still love Catherine, as he claims, and still commit the acts he does?

6. Cathy and Sylvia end up reconciling toward the novel’s end. Do you think you could have forgiven Sylvia? Did you anticipate the ways that she would turn on Catherine?

7. There are so many shocking moments in Lee and Catherine’s relationship. Did one moment strike you as the most terrifying?

8. What similarities do you see between Catherine and Cathy? Are there hints that Catherine could exhibit the symptoms of OCD and PTSD that Cathy now displays? Or is Cathy just a manifestation of what Lee did to Catherine?

9. In almost all ways Stuart is an antidote to Lee. Do you think Catherine would have fallen for Stuart? In what ways do you credit Stuart for helping Cathy grow to become the woman who triumphs at the novel’s end?

Questions courtesy of Harper Collins. 


Before She Was Mine- Kate Long

Nothing can beat a mother’s love
– except perhaps the love of two very different mothers…

Freya is torn between two mothers. Live, her adoptive mother who nurtured her and raised her and her real mother, who is the complete opposite- Melody, who is vibrant, unreliable and extensive. Tragedy strikes forcing the bonds that tie the three women together to be tested to the fullest. 

Miss Enchanting Book Club Rating: 1/5

Very disappointing overall. The book seemed to never really pick up, leaving the reader wondering what on earth was the point to the story. Sadly many of us gave up on this one before the end. 


A Tiny Bit Marvelous- Dawn French

Everyone hates the perfect family.
So you’ll love the Battles

Mo Battle is about to turn 50. She has two hormonal teenagers; Dora who blames Mo for, like, everything and Peter who believes he is Oscar Wilde. And Dad is somewhere in the background keeping quiet. However Mo is having a crisis and she’s about to do something unusually wild and selfish which could affect her entire family. 

Miss Enchanting Book Rating: 2/5

A crazy book with crazy characters, some of it was hard to get your head around, especially where the son was concerned, The book changes point of view throughout and it was difficult to fully engage with each character. Unfortunately it was another book that failed to be a hit with our group. 


The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern 

The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it…it is simply there, when yesterday it was not. 

Miss Enchanting Book Club Rating: 4/5

This book is beautiful. I literally felt as if I fell into the book to experience the magic and the wonder of The Night Circus. The details and descriptions come to life in every page. The book is in development to become a film which would be amazing to see the magic brought to life. Imagination is key to a successful reading experience with this book, highly recommended. 


The Crimson Petal & The White- Michel Faber

“Watch your step. Keep your wits about you. You will need them”

Sugar is a nineteen year old prostitute living in nineteenth century London. From the brothel of the terrifying Mrs. Castaway, she begins her ascent through society, meeting a host of lovable, maddening, unforgettable characters on the way. They begin with William Rackham, an egotistical perfume magnate whose empire is fueled by his lust for Sugar; his unhinged, child-like wife Agnes; his mysteriously hidden-away daughter, Sophie; and his pious brother Henry, foiled in his devotional calling by a persistently less-than-chaste love for the Widow Fox. All this is overseen by assorted preening socialites, drunken journalists, untrustworthy servants, vile guttersnipes, and whores of all stripes and persuasions.

Miss Enchanting Book Club Rating: 2/5

Now if you’ve ever read War & Peace, then this book will be a walk in the park for you because it is HUGE. I don’t think any of us realised quite what a challenge this book would be until the postman strained his arm carrying to the front door. Unfortunately the size of the book put a lot of readers off- it was too heavy to carry around for a start, but that’s not to say it isn’t a good story. The DVD is excellent…well worth a watch if you like gritty Victorian-era novels. 


The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year- Sue Townsend

The day her children leave home, Eva climbs into bed and stays there. She’s had enough – of her kids’ carelessness, her husband’s thoughtlessness and of the world’s general indifference. Eva’s refusal to behave like a dutiful wife and mother soon upsets everyone but she insists on staying in bed. And then the strangest things start to happen.

Miss Enchanting Book Club Rating: 3/5

The book started off well with some very funny moments, however towards the end it seemed to lose its way. However we all felt that this book would make a brilliant mini film series and the characters in the story are believable and fascinating.