A few kind words from our clients…

“Firstly I just want to say a very big THANK YOU… and to let everyone know I’ve just experienced the ‘Beyond Tired Organising & Decluttering Services’ and what an experience it was.

My room, primarily for art, started out as a studio and slowly but surely ended up as a dumping ground. I loved the room itself but hated working in it with so much clutter and it progressively got worse until I could hardly make my way to the drawing board! Then I received Katie’s flyer and thought ‘to hell with it, I’ll give it a go’.

The transformation is immense- I can’t stop going in the room just to admire the space. Not only did Katie sort out all the junk and have numerous great suggestions for other areas too, which I shall be working on, but she did everything with a smile and so much enthusiasm. I honestly feel cleansed and delighted and cannot recommend Katie highly enough,  you certainly went above and Beyond – tired.

My kitchen needs your magic next!”
(Deborah, Surrey)

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